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‘Foreign boots on our soil’
PRP (The Peoples Redemption Party) rejects US, France military bases in Nigeria

The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has opposed the relocation of United States and French military bases to Nigeria, warning of the dangers of compromising the country’s sovereignty and security.

In a statement on Monday, Comrade Muhammed Ishaq, the Acting National Publicity Secretary of the PRP, cautioned the Nigerian government against entering into any agreements that would lead to the establishment of foreign military bases on Nigerian soil.

“The presence of foreign military bases on Nigerian soil may lead to a gradual erosion of our national sovereignty,” the party warned.

According to the PRP, the relocation of these military bases could expose Nigeria to new security threats, including unintended consequences and resentment from local communities.

“These foreign troops may not fully understand the complex and dynamic nature of the security landscape in Nigeria, which could lead to unintended consequences,” the party said.

The PRP also expressed concerns about the economic implications of hosting foreign military bases, including the strain on Nigeria’s limited resources and the potential for increased dependency on foreign aid.

“The costs associated with accommodating these troops, maintaining infrastructure, and addressing potential security issues could strain our already limited resources,” Comrade Ishaq said.

The PRP warned that the relocation of American and French military bases to Nigeria could potentially strain relations with other African countries, leading to diplomatic tensions and regional instability.

“Such a move might be perceived as an act of aggression or a power play, leading to diplomatic tensions and regional instability,” the party said.

The PRP emphasized the need for Nigeria to prioritize its internal security needs and strengthen its defense capabilities, rather than relying on foreign powers.

“We believe that such a decision would pose significant risks to our national sovereignty, security, environment, and economy,” Comrade Ishaq said.

The PRP advised the government to reject any proposals for the relocation of foreign military bases to Nigeria, and instead prioritize diplomacy, regional cooperation, and sustainable development.

“We call on the Nigerian government to outrightly reject such proposals for our national interest,” the party said.

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