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Gov Simi Fubara Visit to the Assembly quarters

Rivers State Governor, Simi Fubara, has clarified his recent visit to the residential quarters of the State House of Assembly, stating that it was to assess the condition of the structures for potential rehabilitation, aiming to restore their livability.

The Governor had made a brief stop at the Assembly Quarters yesterday enroute Emohua – Abalama -Tema Junction on inspection of the 15.24 kilometers long dual carriageway road project.

According a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Nelson Chukwudi, Fubara, who spoke after the inspection stated that the assembly quarters is part of state government properties, adding that the facility needs to be taken good care of.

He also commented on the road project, stating that he was evaluating the progress of the work to determine any additional steps required to prepare the road for commissioning on his one-year anniversary.

He said, the Assembly quarters is part of his property and  there is nothing wrong in going to check how things are going on there.

“You are aware of the developments. We have a new Speaker, and I went there to see for myself how things are.

“There might be a few things I might want to do there for the good of our people.”

He said, “As a matter of fact, we added this section of the road as one of the projects we will be commissioning.

“So, I needed to see it myself, and what is remaining is just the lighting. By the grace of God, we will commission it.”

He stated that the project was inherited from the previous administration, adding that his administration was responsible for most of the cost.

“We feel justified to add it as our project and to commission it for the good of our people here.

“Governance is all about the people. When the people are out of the centre of governance, then it is no longer governance.

“So, this road, as we all now know, was in a very bad state. A lot of criminal activities were being carried out here, kidnapping and all sorts of things. So, putting this road in order is appropriate.”

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