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Abia State: Gone are the days of distributing Abia funds to politicians” – Governor Alex Otti

Abia State Governor Alex Otti has said that his emergence last year marked the end of political conquest in the state.

“Abia I vowed never to return to Egypt.” he said.

Gov Otti stated this while speaking at the Abia North Senatorial District town hall meeting held at the Ohafia Council Pavilion on Thursday, saying he came to change the old order.

According to the governor, the days of money being distributed between a privileged few and their cronies are over.

He promised that under his watch, Abia’s resources would be used for the work of the people and not given to politicians.

`In the past, Abia’s funds were shared between people close to the government and their cronies.But unfortunately for them, things have changed.

“This is not a government that shares money, but a government that uses money to work for the people.”

He directed his appointees to prepare for the exams at the end of their service to the people.

The Governor stated that the achievements of his administration so far are just the tip of the iceberg and assured that the state would witness significant changes in the coming months.

“We are just at the beginning of the programme, you will see more progress in the next 12 months,” he said.

He expressed satisfaction with the performance of the mayors, saying the appointments of the 17 local government heads in the state were justified.

He said he was focusing on all communities in the state and would begin a tour of all local governments next month, after which he would visit communities to assess people’s needs.

He explained that the purpose of the regional town hall meeting, which is part of activities planned to mark the first anniversary of his inauguration, is to gauge the public’s sentiments and find out their evaluation of his administration. did.

Governor Otti has promised not to betray the trust the people have placed in him.

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