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President Tinubu Officially Inaugurates The National Assembly Library.

President Bola Tinubu officially opened the National Assembly Library and Resource Centre in Abuja on Wednesday.

The library was named in his honor. Prior to the inauguration, President Tinubu attended a special session of the National Assembly, where he delivered impromptu remarks.

He expressed his gratitude to the lawmakers and recognized their efforts in establishing and maintaining Nigeria’s democratic institutions.

President Tinubu referred to the National Assembly as a sacred space that represents the nation’s unity and freedom.

He emphasized the importance of collaboration and self-reliance in building a prosperous nation.

President Tinubu also stressed the need to protect and strengthen democracy for future generations.

Senate President Godswill Akpabio praised the President’s visit as a sign of respect for the National Assembly.
He commended President Tinubu for returning to the old national anthem, symbolizing unity among Nigeria’s diverse population.

Akpabio highlighted the significance of the National Assembly as the voice of the nation.

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