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Nigerian Navy stops smuggling operation and arrested suspects in Badagry

The Nigeria Navy, on Monday, said its anti-smuggling operation, the Forward Operating Base BADAGRY, has foiled smuggling operations and arrested suspects in Lagos.

This was said on their social media page (Facebook)

According to the statement, “In a daring anti-smuggling operation, the Forward Operating Base BADAGRY of the Nigerian Navy, Monday intercepted and impounded a car loaded with various smuggled items at Ajido, Badagry, Lagos State.”

The statement said upon interception, the suspects attempted to escape, resulting in a high-speed chase. In the process, they damaged their vehicle, but the Navy personnel were able to apprehend them.

Seized items include large quantities of contraband goods such as rice, vegetable oil, and other prohibited items.

According to the statement, the suspects, who are currently being held at the Navy’s facility, will be handed over to the appropriate authorities for further investigation and prosecution.

“The Nigerian Navy remains committed to protecting the nation’s borders and economy, and this successful operation is a testament to their dedication and vigilance.

“The Navy’s efforts have significantly reduced smuggling activities in the region, and they continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of all citizens,” the statement added.

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