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President Of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu calls For Continental Unity.

”As Africans, it is important for us to work together to promote our interests and develop our continent,” President Tinubu said.

Ambassador Nduwimana had informed the President that torrential rains and rising water levels in Lake Tanganyika have affected many Burundians since the beginning of the year.

He requested Nigeria’s support to complement national relief efforts to assist people in the affected areas.

He also called for Nigerian investments in Burundi’s solid minerals sector and reiterated his President’s interest in opportunities within Nigeria’s oil sector.

”We recognize what you are doing in Nigeria, and we believe the country’s growth and development offer valuable lessons for us.

”We need Nigerian investors in Burundi in the solid minerals sector, and my President is also desirous of taking further his earlier discussions on opportunities in Nigeria’s oil sector,” the Ambassador said.

In his meeting with the Kenyan High Commissioner, President Tinubu said Nigeria and Kenya have collaborated on a wide range of issues, including counter-terrorism, peace, and security in Africa.

”We will continue to promote Africa’s interests together and work together to address issues and challenges common to us.

”Africa’s development and growth should be the centrepiece of our relations and we must promote this across every spectrum of our relations, from the economy to trade, from the social sector to the political and cultural sectors,” the President said.

High Commissioner Parashina presented President William Ruto’s desire for a high-level visit to further strengthen bilateral relations.

He acknowledged that the two countries share challenges and opportunities, such as the fight against terrorism, climate change concerns, tackling unemployment, and leveraging the active youth population for economic growth.

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