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Delta State: Government bans Okada in Asaba

Delta State Government has announced a ban on the use of commercial motorcycles, commonly known as “Okada,” in the state capital of Asaba. Additionally, the government has prohibited scrap metal scavenging, also known as ‘iron condemn,’ in Asaba.

The Secretary to the State Government, Kingsley Emu, explained that the ban was necessary due to the high crime rate associated with Okada use and the vandalism of public facilities by scavengers. The ban will come into effect on May 25, with strict enforcement beginning on June 1, 2024.

Emu clarified that the ban applies to all ‘iron condemn’ cart pushers in the State Capital Territory after May 31, 2024. He also mentioned that commercial motorcycle operations have been prohibited in certain parts of the Capital Territory not covered by the initial ban.

The decision to ban Okada and scrap metal scavenging was made in the interest of peace and security, with a focus on protecting lives and property. Emu emphasized that the ban was not targeted at any specific group but was a necessary measure to address security challenges in the state.

The government plans to conduct a sensitization campaign before enforcing the ban, ensuring that residents are aware of the new regulations. Emu warned that those caught violating the ban would face confiscation and destruction of their Okadas, as well as other penalties such as fines and possible jail time.

The ban on Okada and scrap metal scavenging is part of ongoing efforts to improve security and reduce criminal activities in Delta State.

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