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NLC and TUC Strike: National grid outage caused by labour union strike

The national grid has been deliberately shut down by a striking labour union, resulting in a widespread power outage across the country. The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) confirmed this in a statement released by its Public Affairs Manager, Ndidi Mbah in Abuja on Monday morning.

According to the statement, the shutdown occurred in the early hours of Monday, June 3rd, around 2am . The labour union forced operators out of the control room at the Benin Transmission Operator, leading to the shutdown of several transmission substations including Ganmo, Benin, Ayede, Olorunsogo, Akangba, and Osogbo. Additionally, power generating units at various stations were also forced to shut down, causing system instability and eventually leading to the national grid shutdown.

Efforts are being made by TCN to recover and stabilize the grid in order to restore normal electricity transmission to distribution centers nationwide. The labour union’s obstruction of grid recovery is hindering these efforts.

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