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Omoyele Sowore expresses strong disapproval of the government officials’ inappropriate expenditures.

Omoyele Sowore, the 2023 Presidential Candidate of the African Action Congress Party (AAC), criticizes government officials for their extravagant spending, deeming it a disgraceful behaviour.

He claims that those in positions of power who abuse the system for their own benefit, as well as their supporters and economic advisors who warned that a minimum wage of ₦100,000 would harm the Nigerian economy and cause high inflation, are hypocritically benefiting from public funds and squandering it on unnecessary expenses.

This was seen on his Social Media page (X) yesterday, where he said

“The political parasites, economic and financial criminals, and their supporters, economic advisers claiming that a living wage of N100,000 would “destabilize” the Nigerian economy and cause hyperinflation are balling with the people’s money”

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