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Peter Obi praises South Africa’s electoral process, calls Nigeria’s electoral process a show of Shame

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, in the 2023 general election, Peter Obi, compliments South Africa’s electoral process as a model of transparency and efficiency, while criticizing Nigeria’s electoral process as a Show Of Shame.

This was seen in a Statement via his social media page (X) earlier this morning

He highlights the stark contrast between the two countries, emphasizing South Africa’s robust and transparent system, seamless online dissemination of results, and commitment to democratic principles and technological advancement.

In contrast, he laments Nigeria’s controversial and opaque electoral process, characterized by low voter turnout, delayed polling stations, lack of diaspora voting, and allegations of fraud and irregularities.

Obi calls for comprehensive electoral reforms in Nigeria to restore faith in democracy and urges immediate action to address these critical issues.

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