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Joe Korka Waadah Cautions Against Possibility of Fubara Becoming Consensus Candidate in 2027

Sir Joe Korka-Waadah, a Rivers State member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has raised concerns about the possibility of Governor Simi Fubara being adopted as the consensus candidate for re-election in the 2027 election.

Sir Korka-Waadah stated that there are ongoing plans to support Fubara as a response to Nyesom Wike’s behavior towards him, noting the emergence of a new political movement in Rivers.

He emphasized the unity among stakeholders of different political backgrounds, highlighting the reconciliation of former political foes and the potential collapse of other parties’ structures into one in support of Fubara.

Korka-Waadah praised Fubara’s leadership qualities, citing his prudent management of resources, commitment to development, and inclusive governance as reasons for his potential candidacy in 2027.

He called for an end to the exploitation of Rivers’ resources by national power brokers and expressed hope for a new era of unity and progress under Fubara’s leadership.

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