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Kano State Crisis: Arewa group Warns Aminu Bayero

The Arewa Social Contract Initiative has urged the dethroned emir of Kano, Aminu Bayero, to leave the city peacefully to ensure peace prevails.

The group believes that Bayero’s presence in Kano is causing tension, especially since he has returned to the city and is occupying a palace.

The national chairman of the Arewa Social Contract Initiative, Alh. Sani Mahmoud Darma, stated that Bayero should accept his dethronement and leave Kano to avoid any potential violence.

The group believes that Bayero’s return to the palace indicates a desire to cause chaos in the city.

Darma emphasized that Bayero should follow the example set by the previous emir, Sanusi Muhammadu, who accepted his dethronement and left Kano peacefully.

The Arewa group fully supports the reinstatement of Sanusi Muhammadu and believes that the decision was made by the appropriate authorities in Kano.

They urge Aminu Bayero to respect this decision and seek justice through legal means if he wishes to challenge his dethronement.

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