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Omoyele Sowore Criticizes President Tinubu’s government

Omoyele Sowore strongly criticized President Bola Tinubu for his ineffective leadership in tackling poverty in Nigeria.

During the African Action Congress’ campaign event for the Edo State governorship election, Sowore openly condemned Tinubu’s leadership style, stating that it has failed to address the significant socio-economic inequality that plagues the nation.

Sowore did not hold back in his assessment of Tinubu’s impact on the Nigerian economy, highlighting the lack of progress and development even after almost a year in office.

He argued that instead of alleviating poverty, Tinubu’s policies have only worsened the hardships faced by the Nigerian people.

He said, “The leadership style of President Tinubu is bad and the poverty that the people are experiencing is alarming.

Tinubu has failed to make a meaningful impact in the development and economic growth of the country almost a year into his administration while people are grappling with poverty and pain brought upon them by policies that have further impoverished them.”

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